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Feb 15, 2013 4:00pm EST
energy prices, tougher comps compared to last year and tax refund checks are late this year. that's a major issue for a digs counter like walmart. retailers, kohl's dropped, target dropped and there's rumors that there might be interest in gap but the company doesn't comment on rumors or speculation and the higher dollar put pressure on commodities all day. the big story. energy stocks have had a great year, but the bottom line is they have all had a weak day today. finally take a look at the month, february. s&p 500 up 1.4%. maria, look at the rest of the world, all to the downside. we're outperforming everybody else. >> there you go. it looks like it's the best game in town. bob, you said something a minute ago. i want you to tell me when. when do people get the tax checks had. >> they are delayed because the irs would normally be senning out by the middle of january a large number of checks. they have been delayed several weeks because of the problems with -- with dealing with the fiscal cliff issues. >> thanks, bob. we'll see you a little later. after the break, some fishy tra
Feb 11, 2013 4:00pm EST
energy, what's your reaction to sna? >> we had four trillion deficits in a row. he just got a lot of revenue. he's going to get a lot of spending cuts. we ought to get serious now and redistribute those in a more rational way. but talking about, you know, aggressive new spending right now is not likely to get a favorable hearing in congress. the votes aren't there for it. and they shouldn't be until we have serious deficit reduction and until the president will talk about where the real problem is. that's entitlements. we're willing to do that. he hasn't been. >> what if we don't fix entitlements? what if there's no plan? what's the downside risk? >> well, tremendous downside risk. remember, the sequester is just one thing. you have the continuing resolution coming up which is all government spending. some time after that between mid-may and the first of august, you've got the debt ceiling. i think those things are going to involve some serious discussion about long-term entitlement spending. we're at the table. we've passed the ryan budget twice. we'll pass another very aggressiv
Feb 12, 2013 4:00pm EST
's also, we expect, going to talk about infrastructure, manufacturing, energy and education and making investments that is spending in all of those. we'll hear some of his ideas on the sequester and the debt crunch facing the united states and also, of course, those social issues that are going to be so important. guns and immigration. they are going to draw a lot of attention in this speech tonight and one thing to look for here, maria, apple ceo tim cook is expected to be sitting in the first lady's box tonight as a guest of the first family and one undercation we may hear of insourcing of jobs which is something apple has received notice for recently and trying to bring some of the manufacturing jobs back from overseas to the united states, maria. >> all right. thank you so much. as we contemplate what the president may or may not include in the speech tonight we want to know what wall street wants to hear that could send stocks to an all-time high this week or lower. joining us now to break that down, cnbc contributor rich bernstein and anthony chan of chase wealth management. good
Feb 14, 2013 4:00pm EST
.industrials, too, energy, too. we want to see that kind of activity. >> buy japan. we talk about it week after week. buy japan on a heblged basis if you can find it that way. look at the jobs number. the fed, the new fed is the employment report, and the ability to most markets. if you get 190 or 200,000 on march 1st, two weeks from tomorrow, that's the february jobs number, you're going to see the market lift. you want to see profits, production. you want to see personal income, and you want to see politics. that's one thing that could stall the market if you've got a fiscal sequestration. >> why are you so hot on japan? i know japan has rallied so much? why do you think it's going to continue? >> mr. shirakawa will leave room for mr. abe to put in a person that will gradually weaken the yen and stimulate the economy and get it the into inflation of a 2% target. we like the japanese exporters. they don't want to get the other countries upset with them. >> right. >> and come after them for a better thy neighbor's policy. our view is the yen which is 93 now can go to 100. these stocks have another 2
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4